A sudden winter storm in Chippendale

The morning sun shines as dark clouds form. Lightning strikes, and the skies open up.  

The morning sun shines. Dark clouds form over the western sky. Lightning strikes, and the skies open up in a deluge.

Meanwhile, a lone figure, clearly more prepared than I, has her umbrella up, walking into deeper Chippendale from the new shopping complex that lies opposite the University of Technolgy. The side of the terrace building she walks past is brilliantly whitewashed. The sun casts stark shadows on its walls.

The leafless outline of a deciduous tree breaks the brilliant surface, while in the garden beyond, a Kentia Palm is in full fruit and what looks to be a lemon tree glows.

What a beautiful mess of contradictions in a single frame. Not a great technical photograph as it is taken on a small mobile phone; it’s just an interesting story.