Digital masons assigned and awaiting

The human flow, waiting to fly out of Thailand’s new Suvarnabhumi Airport.  

Masons once wandered the medieval world, moving from project to project, bringing with them a codex of knowledge, understanding and experience in working with stone. Building cathedrals, bridges, and houses from hewn rock and timber was no easy task. It took years to learn the practical and theoretical methods for getting a building to stay upright.

The way I see it, software programmers have become the itinerant builders of the digital world. To enter their profession takes aptitude, study, experience and skills that are not visible to ordinary folk.

One of the frustrations of being in software is your hard work is invisible to all but a few people. Those are the people who can look at your source code and understand the cleverness of your creative endeavors.

One does not have to be a mason to understand the grandeur of a cathedral. If you built it well, it speaks to people of uplifting spirituality, power and beauty. With any luck, it will have lasted for centuries. Good software on the other hand, is invisible and ephemeral.

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