Foggy Gum Tree Dawn

Above the Gold Coast, fog roils up the escarpment as the sun rises behind it. 

This collection of photographs and essays comes from many years of travelling in both creative and business roles. Most were not deliberate photographs but casual shots of subjects that intrigued me for one reason or another.

For me, the photographs are more about the story or the circumstance and were not designed to stand by themselves as independent works of art. Like it is with photo-journalists, both words and images are required to tell the whole story, even though both words and images can be viewed and judged independently.

The picture above is a case in point. I had been living in the UK and USA for several years, largely alone, while trying to build an international software business. It had hit the wall in one of the economic downturns, and I was trying to build it back up again. But I was travel weary. I rented a home in the hinterland above the Gold Coast to stay near some close friends. This house was on an escarpment overlooking the coast.

The plateau was quite high above sea level, and on occasional mornings, the fog would roil up the steep cliffs below the house. This morning the sky was clear beyond the fog on the face of the escarpment, and the bright sun was backlighting the iconic gum trees. The soundscape of bird calls – kookaburras, lyrebirds and the magpies – added another dimension to all this.

And so the photo became a reminder of Australia I carried with me till eventually, the software business was done with, and I returned to the mountain hideaway where this shot was taken.