Summer’s bounty

In the hills above a UK village two ill-behaved heads of grass duck under the legal boundary  

We have a piece of fencing wire marking a legal boundary to a landholder’s possession. Steel wire is something so ubiquitous that we don’t normally see it. But the wire has a long history that led it to be here both as a physical artifact and as a legal construct used to enforce the landowner rights.

The heads of grass seeds are even more complex. Why are the stalks so thin and heads so fluffy and bulky? What is the chemistry and biology of the materials that make up stalks and the seed pods, and how did it know to grow that way.

In any case, two errant stalks have completely ignored the landowner’s rights and have cheekily ducked under the restraining barrier, careless of the legal conflict that this irresponsible behaviour might entail.

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