The Ents of the Oregon forest

Lined up and backlit, these Sitka spruce are covered in a green, mossy glow. Small lateral branches reach out into the forest pathway. 

The ents in the famous Tolkien books were curious creatures – men that have partly turned into the trees they husband. What could these things possibly look like? What does an intelligent, mobile tree do when it settles down to rest? Peter Jackson and his art directors had the same issues in his film portrayal of these hybrids in Lord of the Rings.

However, something is menacing and alive about these rows of trees. They are Sitka spruce, with their stunted arms reaching out and a living skin aglow with rude health.

The moss needs a damp environment, sunshine and a place to grow relatively undisturbed. The forest plantations in Pacific Northwest are ideal.

Strangely, the mosses can survive dry periods where they desiccate, drying out almost entirely and then generally recovering fully when the moisture returns, as it tends to in the US’s Northwest climates.

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